[filebin] (server) annotated tag 1.0.0-rc1 created (now bd7f535)

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Tue Aug 23 21:51:17 CEST 2016

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flo pushed a change to annotated tag 1.0.0-rc1
in repository filebin.

        at  bd7f535   (tag)
   tagging  5bdd40c106609e4b8d1b8bdcb9cb61e67770e306 (commit)
  replaces  0.9.18
 tagged by  Florian Pritz
        on  Tue Aug 23 21:39:01 2016 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Release v1.0.0-rc1

- DEPRECATION: The old plain text API used by fb-client <2.0 is now
  deprecated. A warning will be shown for every file uploaded via
  the old API.

- IMPORTANT: Fix an issue with git hooks not working when the installation is
  moved. install-git-hooks.sh now creates relative symlinks. If you have moved
  your installation and `git pull` does not display the content of the NEWS file,
  you have to run `scripts/install-git-hooks.sh` manually once. Working
  installations are upgraded automatically.

- NEW DEPENDENCY: composer. Currently only used for the test suite, but it will
  likely be used more widely in the future.

- Allow users to delete their own account via a link on the profile page.

- Add code coverage output to test suite and lots of new tests.


Florian Pritz (42):
      Update NEWS
      history: Disable lazy loading for the first 42 thumbnails
      Return 403 instead of 401 for missing authentication
      Fix dbprefix in database example config
      install.php: Fix version check
      Install git hooks as relative symlinks
      Add code coverage output
      Silence some untestable coverage warnings in the test cases
      Add ./vendor to gitignore
      composer: Move php-code-coverage to require-dev
      Add composer.lock
      post-merge: Automatically update composer dependencies
      Test \libraries\ProcRunner
      Test \libraries\Tempfile
      Create Clover coverage report
      Test \libraries\Image::get_exif_orientation
      Test \libraries\Exif
      gitignore: Add code coverage output
      Test \libraries\Pygments
      Test filebin_helper
      pygments: Add .haml extension
      pygments: Add .yml extension
      l/Image/Driver/GD: Drop unused get_exif_orientation()
      Test \libraries\Image some more
      Test \services\storage
      service\storage->gzip_compress: Remove incorrectly documented parameter
      Decouple output_cache from CI for easier testing
      Test \libraries\Output_cache
      tests: Use one webserver per testcase
      run-tests.sh: Allow running single tests
      Duser: Add function to test if login credentials are valid
      Migration 18: Allow user info to be nulled
      mfile->add_file: Take userid via argument
      muser: Add delete_user()
      Allow users to delete their accounts
      Improve coding style for return statements that only check one condition
      Remove unecessary whitespace
      Display deprecation warning for files uploaded via plain text API
      Only show account deletion link if supported
      README: Mention composer dep
      install.php: Test for composer
      Update NEWS


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